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Plumbing, heating and gas

When something is off with your plumbing, heating and gas it often materialises in an odd smell, change in water pressure and drainage or an unexpected and unwelcome change in your water bill.


Whether you know exactly what the problem is, or you’re left scratching your head and trawling the internet for ideas, we’ll be able to pinpoint the fault and fix it in no time.


Perhaps you’re in need of a simple repair or a replacement of the part. Either way, here’s a list of persistent problems, each of which we have a remedy for:


We can arrange convenient planned work to ensure your plumbing system never gives you any bother. This preventative work is important whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a refurbishment on an up and running property.


When something goes wrong, you need to react. It might not seem like an emergency at the time but left long enough it can soon become one. Whether it’s a leak, blockage or simple boiler servicing, these jobs need attention, in order to prevent more serious plumbing problems.


An ice-cold morning shower or a burst pipe giving your house the water feature which you never asked for. Some jobs can’t wait and need emergency treatment. We work on emergency jobs with the same attention to detail as a planned project, meaning once it’s fixed, it’s fixed for good.


Often associated with a bad smell or a lack of drainage:

  • Blocked drain

  • Blocked toilets, sinks, basins and baths

  • Saniflo or lifting station problems – particularly foul smelling

Plumber at Work

Repairs and replacements

Whether you need an installation or a repair on a previous instalment:

  • Shower replacement and repairs

  • Toilet replacement and repairs

  • Tap replacement and repairs

  • Pipework installations

  • Cold Storage Tank repairs

  • Hot water cylinder replacement and repairs


Emergency work

Any plumbing issue can turn into an emergency if left alone, therefore you should reach out for help whether it’s a blocked toilet or a gas leak:

  • Burst pipes and floods

  • Blockages of any kind

  • Gas leaks – particularly dangerous

  • No hot water

  • Lack of water supply to the property


Drips and leaks

We can help you trace and repair those niggling sound which keep you up at night:

  • Dripping taps

  • Dripping showers

  • Issues with your gutter or downpipes

  • Stopcock problems

  • Ball valve issues - often leading to overflows


Heating and Gas work 

Essential for the winter and the best way to take control of your gas bill:

  • Immersion heater replacement and repairs

  • Radiator work

  • Boiler servicing - including powerflush work to keep your system clean

  • Boiler Installations

  • Central heating installations and repairs

  • Gas repairs

  • Gas testing and certificates

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